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At RGA, we understand that you may need assistance with more than just your accounting needs.

At RGA, we understand that you may need assistance with more than just your accounting needs. We want to assist wherever we can.

With this in mind, we have linked up with a number of specialist consultants such as mortgage and pension experts who will be able to give you advice tailored to your financial needs and to help you with any goals you have for the future.

These mortgage advisors can deal with all of our clients’ needs but in particular stand out when it comes to our contractors. How often have you heard that you need 2 years of accounts or more, creating a problem if you have changed from employee to having your own company, or changed your company? How often have you heard the word “sa302” as a form required by your IFA or mortgage lender? With the right specialist working for you, these requirements can be a thing of the past.

The pension advisors will offer advice on making contributions on behalf of your company into your personal pension scheme; they can also help with the pension aspects of auto-enrolment if you are unlucky enough to be unable to avoid enrolment by your company. Auto-enrolment is quite costly, it doesn’t matter who you go to. They will help you through the process and liaise with out payroll team to ensure that reporting requirements are met once up and running.

We have taken great care in selecting who we work with, as we want all our clients to experience as stress-free and professional service as possible. And we are not looking for commission when recommending them to you!

I have been a client of RGA since 2007 and would highly recommend the mortgage advisors that work alongside them. I had two phone conversations with an advisor and the rest was done by email.

The legal side is free and is set up by the lender without me having to get Involved in that side of things  . I had to supply the advisor with bank statements, last 2 contracts, passports etc but there was no comeback or hassle from the lender. They don’t even require company accounts!

I went through this process two years ago with a well known bank  and they  put me through a complicated process that required a lot of unnecessary information gathering and generally made the whole process very complex and stressful.

I would highly recommend this service as it was 100% hassle free.

Scott McKay, Susco Design Services Ltd

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