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Is flat rate vat still worth doing in your first year?
Until now, you have been able to take advantage of the flat rate vat scheme “to make money out of the vat people”. The changes from 1 April 2017, to a flat rate of 16½% instead of 12%, 14% or 14½%, have basically brought this to an end. But not altogether!
Changes to the Flat Rate VAT Scheme
You may have read of the unexpected announcement in the Chancellor of Exchequer’s annual statement on 23 November of changes to flat rate vat, which will impact on many of our flat rate clients. If you are not flat rate vat registered, this does not apply to you.
Dividend Versus Salaries
You will have heard about the changes to how dividends are taxed after 5 April 2016, assuming that the proposed legislation on the matter is implemented. The purpose of this article is to briefly summarise and partially illustrate the implications, and to set out what you as director of one of our client companies can do about them.
Privacy Statement
Our Privacy Statement: What you need to know
Directors Drawings
“Drawings” are the amounts you extract from the company for yourself. You take these, preferably in round sum amounts, maybe weekly or monthly.